Screen time

Why limit screen time?

It can be tempting to use screen time to keep your child happy. And while sitting your toddler in front of the TV, computer or tablet can keep them occupied, it’s important to place limits.

Children learn best by using all of their senses. They need to touch, smell and interact with the world. When they’re watching a screen, they’re missing out on important chances to learn, grow, and play, keeping their bodies and minds healthier. Screen time is one of the biggest obstacles that keep your child from getting the amount of physical activity they need to be healthy. Use these tips to keep your toddler active.

Tips to manage screen time

• Let your toddler have no more than 1 hour of screen time per day.
• Set a timer when using screen time to remind both of you when it’s time to do something else.
• Schedule screen time in advance like you would other activities.
• You decide what your child watches. Make sure the programs, videos or apps are appropriate.
• Where possible, involve your child in what you’re doing. Bring them into the kitchen and have them help make dinner instead of watching TV, for example.

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