Having a strong daily routine is good for you and your toddler. When families follow a routine, it helps them become stronger. Everyone knows what to expect and feels a sense of belonging.

Benefits of Routines

By following a routine, your toddler is learning many important habits and life skills.

• Incorporating brushing teeth, washing hands and getting exercise into a daily routine helps your toddler learn healthy habits.
• A solid routine helps your toddler feel safe and secure.
• Bedtime routines help your toddler get better sleep.
• Routines help develop a sense of responsibility and time management skills.

Routines can also be a big help in the mornings, which can be an especially challenging time in many homes. If you are rushing around to get everyone out the door in the morning and your toddler is finding it hard to get going, it can be very frustrating. By doing the same thing every morning, in the same order, you are helping to get everyone out the door faster.

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