When to get help

In order to see where your child’s language development is in relation to his or her peers, you can complete a checklist for speech and hearing. If you find that your child is behind, don’t panic. It might be normal for them to develop more slowly. However, you should contact a speech-language pathologist at VCH or your health care provider if your 3-year-old isn’t able to do the following:

• Use 3 or more words together in a sentence. For example: “Kitty drinks milk”
• Respond to you if you call them from another room.
• Understand most of what you say to them.
• Ask questions using “what” and “where”.

Have questions about your child’s speech or language? If you have concerns, talk to your health care provider or contact a speech-language pathologist at VCH. If you prefer a brochure in another language, please contact your local S-LP to see if one is available. If services are needed, it’s important to start them as early as possible.