When to get help

In order to see where your child’s language development is in relation to his or her peers, you can use this checklist for speech and hearing. If you find that your child is behind, don’t panic. It might be normal for them to develop more slowly. However, you should contact a speech-language pathologist at VCH or your health care provider if your 3-year-old isn’t able to do the following:

• Use 3 or more words together in a sentence. For example: “Kitty drinks milk”
• Respond to you if you call them from another room.
• Understand most of what you say to them.
• Ask questions using “what” and “where”.

Have questions about your child’s speech or language? If you have concerns, talk to your health care provider or contact a speech-language pathologist at VCH. If services are needed, it’s important to start them as early as possible.