Speech and Language

Using Comments

Preschoolers are starting to use language to learn more about the world. By the time they are 3 years old, your preschooler will likely be asking non-stop questions. To keep the conversation going, it’s better to use comments instead of questions. Comments put less pressure on your child to come up with an answer and give more information than questions. For example: say “I hear a fire truck!” instead of “What is that sound?”

Tips for Using Comments

• Talk about what your child is doing; talk about things as they are happening.
• Add new ideas and words to what your child has said.
• Turn questions into comments. For example: say “I wonder what your doll is doing,” instead of “what is your doll doing?”
• When asking questions, give possible answers. For example: “What shall we play with – the doll or the train?”
Use these tips to help your preschooler’s language grow.

Learning More than One Language

It’s good for children to grow up learning more than one language, so if you speak another language, share it with your baby. Read more about learning more than one language: