Preschoolers are still developing their sleep patterns, which means it might be hard to get them into bed and then have them stay there. This can be frustrating for you and can mean that your child isn’t getting the 11-12 hours of sleep they need to be healthy.

There can be temporary reasons that your child isn’t sleeping well, but if it’s an ongoing struggle, you can help set your child up for a better night’s sleep.

Helping Your Preschooler Sleep

• Set up a soothing bedtime routine.
• Keep bedrooms quiet, dark/dim and cool.
• End screen time an hour before bedtime.
• Make sure you child is getting plenty of physical activity throughout the day.
• Avoid caffeine late in the day. (e.g., chocolate, tea, soda)
• Use these tips If your child calls out or gets out of bed – you can try these tips.
• When your child has a good night, praise them the next morning.

For more tips to help your child sleep better, try these resources:

Soothing Your Child

Some children start to be afraid of going to bed at night. They may be scared of things like the dark, shadows or monsters. Telling your child not to be scared won’t help. Instead, comfort them and try to make them feel safe. If they have night terrors or nightmares, use these tips to soothe your child.

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Talk to your public health nurse if you have concerns about your child’s sleep.