Parenting your preschooler

Building a Healthy Relationship with Your Preschooler

The most important part of your job as a parent is to continue to build a strong and loving relationship  with your child. As your child gets older, they will have fewer cases of challenging behaviour like temper tantrums. Most preschoolers are learning how to better control their emotions.

You can help your preschooler become responsible, caring and well-behaved. Most children want to do things that please their parents. You can help encourage them.

• Play with your child. Have fun together. Give daily positive attention.
• Praise good behaviour when you see it; ignore bad behaviour as much as possible.
• Know what to expect. Your preschooler will get distracted and will easily forget what it is they’re supposed to do. This is normal.
• Model good behaviour yourself. If you lose your temper often, so will your child. If you stay calm when you’re angry, your child will learn to as well.
• Give your child another way of doing something. For example: “We only draw on paper, not on the wall. Sit at the table and I will give you paper to draw on.”
• Tell your child what TO do, not what NOT to do. For example: say “please close the gate,” instead of “don’t leave the gate open.”
Use these tips to encourage good behaviour.

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