Your preschooler is becoming more independent. It’s important to keep supporting them in developing healthy eating habits.

Happy family having roast chicken dinner at table

Tips for Feeding Your Preschooler

• Have family meals together as much as possible.
• You decide what food is served and when. Your child decides which of the offered foods to eat and how much.
• Use safe handling practices when preparing food.
• Offer a variety of foods from the 4 food groups in Canada’s Food Guide.
• Prepare healthy recipes and offer healthy drinks.
• Create a meal time routine with 3 meals and 2-3 snacks each day.
• Set limits. When your child asks for unhealthy choices like pop or candy, it’s your job to say “no”.
• Have sit down snacks. Don’t let them run around or play while eating.
• Take precautions to prevent choking. Your child is still only learning how to eat.