Birth Options

Types of Birth

It is important to understand your birth options and to feel confident in your choices. For low-risk women, whose baby is in the head-down position, a normal vaginal birth is the safest and best option. Other types of birth include:

If your baby is breech (in the bottom-down position), you will determine your options with your health care provider. Options include:

Vaginal Birth

You can increase your chances of a vaginal birth in the following ways:

  • Your labour is not induced unless there is a medical reason to do so;
  • You are free to move around as much as you like during your labour. You do not have to stay in a bed. You may feel like standing, walking, swaying back and forth, or kneeling on your hand and knees.
  • You receive continuous one-on-one support throughout your labour. This may be provided by a supportive partner, family member or friend, or by a trained birthing coach or doula;
  • You are not given interventions without a medical reason,
  • You are permitted to eat and drink;
  • During birth, push in the position that feels best to you, especially in positions where gravity can help (e.g. kneeling, squatting)

If you have previously had a Cesarean section, you do not necessarily need to have another one. This is just one of several birthing misconceptions. For more information on vaginal birth after Cesarean section talk to your obstetrician or health care provider.

Cesarean Section

If you are scheduled to have a Cesarean section – check out the information for your hospital