Keeping baby and you healthy

Making healthy choices in pregnancy gives you the best chance of having a healthy baby. Eating well, getting regular physical activity, seeing your health care providers (including your dentist!) and having a strong support system are all important to having the healthiest pregnancy possible.

Get your copy of Our Special Journey: Pregnancy Passport from your health care provider. The Pregnancy Passport includes health information and a convenient a place to record check-ups and tests.


Consider immunizations before, during and after your pregnancy. Before you are pregnant, make sure all of your immunizations are up-to-date. During pregnancy it is recommended that you get a flu shot during flu season. After pregnancy, catch up on any missing immunizations.

Learn more about immunizations and your baby. Immunization is the only way to protect against certain diseases, and start when baby is 2 months old.

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You can learn more about the prenatal services VCH offers by calling 1.855.550.2229 to talk to a public health nurse.

Pregnancy can be a time when problems in your relationship increase. Learn more about staying safe in your relationship.