Community support

In addition to your primary health care provider (doctor or midwife), there are  VCH provides prenatal programs to support you in your pregnancy.

If you are young (24 or under), have a low income, or have concerns about how you are going to cope with caring for your new baby, please call 1-855-550-2229 and talk to a public health nurse or complete the self referral form.

Public health nurses are here to help you:

  • Make healthy choices in pregnancy
  • Learn about feeding & caring for a new baby
  • Find community services that are right for you
  • Pregnant women who contact public health will be screened for risk factors and offered services based on their individual needs which could include:
  • Follow-up by public health nurse for clients with identified concerns
  • Group programs for health education and support (based on local availability)
  • Referrals to other programs and professionals

VCH also provides the following community prenatal programs:

  • Healthiest Babies Possible (Vancouver and Richmond) provides nutrition and lifestyle counselling to promote a healthy pregnancy and reduce the incidence of low-birth weight babies among high-risk pregnancies. The staff include dietitians, public health nurses and support workers in 14 different languages. Self-referrals are accepted using the referral form.
  • Youth Pregnancy and Parenting Program (Vancouver and Richmond) for young moms or dads to be, the YPPP program offers friendly pre and postnatal care and education program for youth and teens up to 24 years old in a fun, casual environment. Self-referrals are accepted using the referral form.
  • Sheway program provides health and social services to pregnant women and women with infants under 18 months with drug or alcohol issues. No referral is needed – program is located at 533 East Hasting Street Vancouver.