Congratulations! You’re starting an exciting new chapter in your life. The road ahead won’t always be easy and you probably have lots of questions, but that’s okay – we’re here to help. If you’re a mom or dad to-be, we can answer questions about:

• The changes pregnancy brings
• Healthy choices in pregnancy
• Labour and the birth of your baby
• How to feed your baby
• How to take care of your baby
• How to be the best parent you can be
• Finding supports and services that are right for you

Resources for Pregnancy

In addition to this website, VCH has programs in your community that you may be eligible for, and Public Health Nurses are available to help you before and after the birth of your baby. Call 1-855-550-2229 for a nurse to call you. If you are 24 years old or younger – we have programs just for you. Contact a public health nurse to find out more.

Check out Healthy Families BC, a great resource for pregnancy and parenting information

Pregnant woman practising aerobics