All babies cry. It’s the way they communicate. But sometimes you’ve tended to all their needs and your baby still won’t stop crying. If it’s been a long day after a poor night’s sleep, this can be very challenging, but it doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong. Many babies will go through a Period of Purple Crying – a time where they regularly cry and can’t be soothed. Unfortunately, it’s developmentally normal and there is nothing you can do to stop it. It will just have to run its course.

Coping with Crying

Here are some ways to help you cope when the crying seems like it will never end:

Try these soothing techniques.
• Ask family or friends to come help you. (Never ask anyone to help if you know or suspect they have a problem controlling their anger.)
• If you have a partner who is available, take turns giving each other breaks that let you leave the home.
• Work your frustrations out through intense exercise like running in place or hitting a pillow against the wall.

If you feel like shaking or hitting your baby, put the baby down in a safe place (like the crib) and go to another room. Plug your ears or play loud music, if needed. Call another trusted adult for help. Don’t pick the baby up again until you are calm.

Remember, it may seem as if the baby has been crying forever, but the truth is you are in a temporary situation. This stage will not last forever. You will get through it.

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