New parents and baby

There’s a new baby in the family and life it exciting! But maybe you’re struggling a bit, or you have lots of questions. That’s okay – most new parents do. In this section we’ll give you the tools to care for your baby and care for yourself.

  • First days: you just got home with your baby. Now what? We give you information to help you in the early days.
  • Breastfeeding – getting started in the first days and weeks
  • Baby care: get the health information that will give your baby the best chance at success.
  • Taking care of you: you’re taking care of the baby, but what about you? You need to be taken care of too.

Immunization is a healthy choice that saves lives. When you immunize your baby you’re protecting them against illness and serious harms such as meningitis, pneumonia, paralysis, deafness, seizures, brain damage, cancer or even death. BC’s immunization program provides free vaccines to protect your child from 15 diseases. The first immunizations are at 2 months and can be provided by your local public health centre or your family physician.

Another great source of evidence-based information for new families is the Healthy Families BC Website. It has information and videos about

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baby health
baby development
becoming a new parent

You will need to register your baby’s birth to apply for a birth certificate, enroll in medical services plan for BC residents, and applying for Canadian Child Benefits.

We also recommend that you check out VCH parent and child drop-in groups to connect with other new parents and health care professionals.

If you still have questions, have a look at the VCH resources for new parents to find more services in your area.