Benefits of Immunization

Immunization is the only way to protect against certain diseases
Immunization (vaccination, shots) is a healthy choice that saves lives. When you immunize your child, you’re protecting them against illness and serious harms such as paralysis, deafness, seizures, brain damage, cancer or even death.

BC provides free vaccines to protect your child against 15 diseases:

Getting Your Child Vaccinated

Your child should be getting their first round of vaccines when they are two months old. Have a look at the vaccination schedule that your child should follow, and then check the VCH website for vaccination clinics in your area.

Your health care provider or Public Health Nurse will give you a Child Health Passport to track your child’s immunizations. The passport is also available online.

Caring for Your Child After Vaccination

Breastfeeding during vaccination is encouraged to minimize pain.  Watch the video below for more information.

Side effects from immunizations are almost always mild and include soreness and fever. In very rare cases, there can be serious side effects. However, the dangers posed by diseases such as measles and polio are a far greater risk. Talk to your doctor or public health nurse if you have concerns. Read more about common side effects and how to treat them. For more information, download this pamphlet on caring for your child after immunization. To access the pamphlet in other languages, contact

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