How much should I feed my baby?

Only your baby knows the answer to this question. You decide what foods to offer and when, but your baby should be eating as much as they’d like. Some babies eat a lot. Others don’t seem to eat much at all. Your baby might eat a lot one day and very little the next day. This is all normal. If your baby is full, they will let you know by turning their head away or spitting food out. If they want more, they will keep opening their mouth or fuss when you take the food away. If you think there might be a problem with how much your child eats, call HealthLink BC at 8-1-1 and ask to speak to a dietitian.

My baby keeps gagging. Does that mean she’s not ready for solid food?

Not at all! Gagging is a normal part of learning how to eat. All babies gag as they learn how to properly move food to the back of their mouths. It does not mean that you should stop feeding them or that they don’t like the food they are eating. If your baby gags, stay calm and reassure them gently.

Now that my baby is eating solid food, should I give juice at meal time?

Meal time is a great time for your baby to start learning how to use a cup. However, juice has a lot of sugar in it. It’s better to give water, but if you do give juice remember to give the kind without added sugar and limit it to no more than ½ cup per day.

I’m worried my baby will get fat.

Babies come in different shapes and sizes. This is normal. Healthy babies know how much to eat because they are born that way. The best way to make sure your baby is a healthy weight is to:

• Offer healthy food
• Let your baby decide how much to eat
• Don’t hold back food from your baby when they’re hungry
• Give your baby lots of opportunities to be active during the day