Family meals

Portrait Of Multi-Generation Chinese Family Eating Meal Together

As soon as your baby is eating solid foods, you can start having meals together as a family. Your baby’s first foods can be plain foods that you eat. Eating together at home or at a restaurant is a great way to connect and brings long-lasting benefits to your family.

Most meals only take about 20 minutes. Even if you’re used to eating on the run, it’s easy to get into the habit of sitting down as a family. Learn from the Ellyn Satter Institute how to master meals step by step.

Tips for Family Meals

• Make family meals routine; expect that everyone will sit together to eat
• Make the same meal for everyone
• Plan the weekly meal menu as a family. Make sure everyone gets at least one of their favourite meals.
• Let children help with grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning up as much as possible. Even babies can join you at the store or in the kitchen.
• Meals don’t need to take a lot of time to prepare. Make sandwiches, reheat leftovers, or grab a bag of salad or roasted chicken at the grocery store.
• Don’t bring your phones or tablets to the table; turn off the TV.
• Let children lead how fast (or slow) they want to eat. Let them decide which of the served foods to eat and how much.
• Involve everyone in the conversation and keep mealtimes fun.
• Check out the Better Together website for meal ideas and more tips