First 3 weeks

During the first three weeks, breastfeeding patterns will help you decide if your baby is getting enough breast milk. Have a look at the guidelines below to see how your baby compares:

Keep in mind though that all babies are different and if your baby’s pattern is very different, it doesn’t mean that there’s a problem. Talk to your Public Health Nurse, midwife or doctor if you have any questions.

When to contact your Public Health Nurse about breastfeeding

A day or two after you get home from the hospital, a Public Health Nurse will contact you to see how you’re doing. You can call your Public Health Nurse at any time if:

• You have pain or sore nipples during feeding.
• Your baby is too sleepy to feed or feeds less than 8 times in 24 hours.
• You think your baby may not be getting enough milk.
• Your baby has fewer than 4-6 wet (pee) diapers or 3 soiled (poo) diapers in 24 hours after 3 days of age.
• You are having a lot of stress related to breastfeeding.


Close-up of a newborn baby