Plugged ducts

Identifying a Plugged Duct

When milk builds up in a milk duct in the breast, the duct can get plugged. If you see any of the signs below, you might have a plugged duct.

• A tender lump in your breast or near your armpit
• Red areas or red streaks on your breast
• Your affected breast feels warmer than the other
• There’s a white spot at the end of your nipple
• Your milk flow is slow, causing baby to be fussy or tug at your breast

Fixing a Plugged Duct

If you think you have a plugged duct, try these tips to make breastfeeding easier and get your milk flowing well again.

Luckily, plugged ducts usually get better within a day or two, and you can (and should) continue breastfeeding. If your symptoms are more serious, or you continue to have problems, talk to your health care provider. You want to make sure that you don’t have mastitis, which would need treatment.