Overabundant milk supply

Having more milk than your baby needs can be a problem. It can be hard to tell if your baby is hungry or not.

Signs of Overabundant Milk Supply

  • Your baby has short, frequent feeds, may be fussy during the feed and hard to settle
  • The baby may have many explosive, runny, yellow or green stools in a day, be gassy and may spit up often
  • During feeding, your baby may choke or cough, refuse or bite the breast, and cry or pull off with letdown
  • Your breasts feel overfull, spray milk with letdown, have pain in the breast with letdown and may get plugged ducts or mastitis

What to Do About Overabundant Milk Supply

  • Try different positions when you feed – hold the baby upright, lean back after latching or side lying
  • Feed the baby when they are drowsy or not too hungry
  • Take baby off the breast if the baby chokes or coughs
  • Let the milk spray (or catch it in a container) until it slows, then offer the breast again
  • Burp baby frequently
  • For each feeding use one breast only, feed until baby is content. Offer the same breast again if the baby is hungry soon after. You may need to hand express the other breast for comfort
  • Avoid missing feedings or giving formula
  • Watch for signs of plugged ducts or mastitis

It can take weeks for your milk supply to improve, but you can make the situation more comfortable by trying these tips.