Nipple pain

Causes of Nipple Pain

Nipple pain is a common problem, especially during the first week of breastfeeding. Nipple pain usually means that there is a problem with the latch, but it can also be due to things like infection, thrush, Raynaud’s Disease (poor circulation to the nipple) or problems with the baby’s suck.

The best way to prevent nipple pain is to make sure you have a good latch.

Easing Nipple Pain

Below are some other ideas to help you with nipple pain.

Position and latch
Correct Latch

• Feed your baby at the first signs of hunger.
• If you use them, change breast pads often.
• Express a little milk to soften your breast before feedings.
• Use lanolin cream on your nipples after every feeding.
• Hand express or pump your breast milk to give your nipples a break.

Pinched Nipple
Pinched nipple due to poor latch











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