Increasing your milk supply

Sometimes babies don’t get enough breast milk to gain weight. Babies who aren’t getting enough milk are also still fussy after feedings and don’t have a lot of soiled diapers. The good news is most women can make enough milk to feed their babies. Increasing milk supply might just take a little work.

Tips to Increase Milk Supply

  • Breastfeed often (at least 8 times in 24 hours). More feedings create more milk.
  • Offer both breasts at each feed.
  • Take care of yourself. Rest when you can, eat well, drink lots of water and avoid alcohol and nicotine.
  • Express your breastmilk
    • Hand express or pump your milk after as many feedings as you can
    • If your baby is not latching, express or pump your milk at least 7 times during the day and one time during the night
    • Feed baby extra milk (expressed breast milk or formula) if your baby is not growing well with breastfeeding

Try these additional tips to increase your milk supply. If you still can’t seem to make enough milk, talk to your health care provider. Domperidone (Motilium) is a safe prescription medication that increases milk supply that might be right for you.