Forceful letdown

What is Forceful Letdown?

When your milk comes out very fast at the beginning of a feeding, we call that a forceful letdown. It might seem like having a large amount of milk would be a good thing, but it can actually cause a lot of problems, including gas for the baby and pain for you as the baby bites down to slow down the flow of milk.

Tips for Forceful Letdown

If forceful letdown is a problem for you, you might find it helpful to:

• Try feeding from a different position, including holding baby upright or lying down on your back to feed.
• Let the milk spray out first and offer your breast to baby after the flow has stopped.
• Burp baby frequently.
• Avoid missing feedings; don’t add formula to your routine.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to be patient. Forceful letdown can take weeks to resolve. Talk to your public health nurse, midwife or lactation consultant for more support.

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