Cause of Engorgement

Engorgement is when your breasts get too full. They become swollen, hard and tender, and your baby has a hard time latching. Engorgement usually only lasts for a few days.

Making Breasts More Comfortable

Here some tips to make your breasts more comfortable:

• Breastfeed often, and let the baby stay on the breast until the breast is softer or the sucking slows, then offer the second breast.
• If your baby is not nursing well, express your milk 8 or more times in 24 hours
• Express a small amount of milk to relieve the pressure before breastfeeding.
• Put cool clothes on your breasts for 20 minutes at a time.
• Massage your breasts while feeding or pumping.
• Take a warm shower.
• Try reverse pressure softening.
• Put clean green cabbage leaves inside your bra (we’re serious!)

If your engorgement lasts more than a few days or continues to be a problem, talk to your doctor, midwife or public health nurse.

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